Being Smart with IM

Sixth Grade Presentation-Wednesday, April 4, 2007 1st Period-Mellowes Hall

Meeting 1-October-Protecting personal information, screen names and passwords, home Internet safety pledge

Meeting 2-January-Being a smart user of email-spamming, flaming, forwards, etc

Meeting 3-Being a smart user of IM

What is Instant Messaging? How is it similar to email? How is it unlike email?

What are some of the good things about IM?

What are some of the bad things about IM?
"Soccer Girl" Movie

  • What are some examples of communications where IM is a good form of communicating?
  • What are some examples of communications that you should not send via IM? These are things that are better for face to face communication?

Chat rooms can be entered via many IM software programs. By entering a chat room, you are revealing your screen name to strangers. They can then start IMing you. If you block them, they still have your screen name and can IM you from another screen name that they make up.

Creating an account:
  • Choose a good screen name that does not reveal personal information about your age, sex or location (ranger45, flying.tukey, k2blue)
  • Choose a strong password

Terms of Service-what are the terms of service that you agree to when you use IM?

Software settings-control the experience!!!