Check out some of the cool films that our young film makers created!

Just a reminder...these are not "perfect." They were created by students who are new to the world of telling a story through the use of film. Many people spend years in film school learning learning how to tell a story through film! Please understand this and enjoy!

milton and riley's drink commercial We made this commercial based on the idea of a Red Bull commercial and used the idea of an energy drink that instantly gives you an adrenaline rush. We liked the shots of the dollar bill going in, dropping the can onto the floor, and the stairs jump switching to Riley's feet hitting the ground. On the audio part of the film we liked the end where advertising where we said "zap super speed drink" then used garage band to edit the voices. One thing that we thought wasn't as sucessful was the camera glare on the stair jumping sot and the fact that we filmed on different days when Riley was wearing different clothing during different shots. Over all we are happy with the over all production and learned how to import garage band songs onto imovie. We also learned how to use many different shots to make the commercial serious.

This is a "super" movie by Clifford, Ben, and Henry. Check it out, Is fantastic! This movie is about a new energy drink that gives you super powers!

this is our movie about the money seed it was made by john and fady. we used the money because john was hungry for chesse its