Use this space to create our project:

Film Ideas and Concepts:
  1. Dramatic Sci-Fi film where tiny little toy soldiers invade our classroom

Characters and props:
  1. Hero, villain, extras, students, teachers, tiny little plastic army dudes

Short synopsis
  1. In this proposed idea, a small troop of toy soldiers invades our classroom during film class. The tiny soldiers start killing off students and teachers (they start with Mr. M). One of the students, who is a villain, sees this as an opportunity to get out of class early and tries to strike a deal with the leading army dude. The villain strikes the deal, but in the end suffers a terrible demise. The hero leads a team of survivors in an epic battle with the toy soldiers in the front circle of USM. The students beat back the toy soldiers, saving the school for future generations to come. They also find a device left by the soliders that brings everyone, including Mr. M, back to life.

Script (to be started when an idea is agreed upon)