You and a partner that you haven't worked with this year will practice several of the shots that we learned from watching the Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques DVD in class over the last week.

You are going to practice several of the shots and then arrange them in a series to form a short movie. Please remember the class ground rules when filming (no dangerous/inappropriate shots and please don't disturb classes in progress).

Here are the shots that I'd like you to practice:
  1. Linking shot
  2. door frame shot-We will film this shot while one of us is talking to someone on the otherside of a door fram
  3. walk out of frame shot
  4. point of view shot
  5. pedestal shot
  6. up the body shot
  7. window shot
  8. reflection shot
  9. insider shot
  10. Jaws shot-We will film this while one of us is looking at something on the computer.
  11. Frisbee shot
  12. Junior shot
  13. twister shot
  14. ground walk over
  15. sign shot

Tripod transitions will be worked on as a group...the ones we're going to work with are as follows:
  1. tripod scenery transition
  2. tripod wip pan transition
  3. tripod blue sky transition

When you are done with the production (AKA-"filming") portion, I would like you to do the following post production work:

-Edit your scenes so they are "watchable"
-Add titles to identify each shot
-Add a movie title and a credits to your project

Copy>Paste the following into a wiki page that you create for this assignment

Project Evaluation:
All required shots are included in your project 2pts
You and your partner collaborated effectively 1 pt
Project is highly "watchable." Scenes don't drag on 2 pts
5 pts
Comments: Nice work with Chris on this project, Alex.