Ideas for your blog:
  • Write entries about sporting events, big news stories, etc.
  • Journal about special service projects and community based volunteer opportunities that you are working on.
  • If you've submitted any special articles or stories to the MS Literary Newspaper, then you could use your blog as a place to showcase these writing samples.
  • Use your blog to summarize your class notes--this could then be a study guide that you and your study partners could use for review.
  • Use a blog to take observational notes about experiments/projects that you are working on.
  • Use your blog to post videos and photos that you would like your students to see...have your students reflect on the videos using the comments feature.
  • A blog is a great way to reflect on your practice as a teacher...what went well in a lesson/unit, what you think you would do differently next time, etc.
  • Attend a professional conference and use your blog to reflect on your experience. Post pictures and short videos along with your reflections.

Notes for New Bloggers:
  • Commit to writing a post on a regular basis for starters. Sometimes it will be forced, but as you move along and use it more your ideas and vision for using a blog in your practice will definitely crystallize.
  • Share your blog with is a great way to keep others informed of what you are up to as a teacher.