Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts...Oh, My!

January 25, 2008 USM in-service day
Co-facilitated by Will Piper and Matt Montagne

Bev Pilarzyk
Jeff Ballentine
Neelie Barthenheier
Robin Buckley
Cristina de Vizcarrondo
Alison Dupee
Sarah Markwald
Adam Moreno
Ryan Murray
Cheryl Vaughn
Steve Villeneuve
Ben Zarwell
Jennifer Ziemke
Nancy Lieber
Create the following accounts prior to the in-service day on Friday, January 25th:

Collaborative Workspace-Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts


Workshop Session Screencasts
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Links and resources on blogs

Links and resources on blogs

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Intro Message!

1. Wikispaces account - Be sure to visit this exact link when creating your wikispaces account and wiki. This is the link for teachers to create their ad-free wikis. When creating your wiki, try to keep it simple and something that is easy for you and your students to recall. Something like, USMLSfrench, USMenglish7, USMUSapUShistory, USMUSWorldCiv, etc. Screencast: Creating a wikispaces account

2. Blogger account - There are many other blogging services and tools out there, but this one is just about the easiest and it also integrates nicely with any other google services that you may already have (Picassa, google docs, etc). If you already have a gmail account, just sign in at blogger using your gmail username and password. You can then create your blog. For your blog, try to use the same thing that you used for your wiki (eg-USMLSfrench, USMMSChorus, etc). Screencast: Creating a account

3. Gcast account - This is podcasting tool that we'll use for this workshop. You can record a podcast directly to your Gcast account from a cell phone/LAN line or by creating a file on your computer and uploading it to your Gcast account. Screencast: Creating a Gcast account

Advantage of Web2.0 tools: Powerful, easy to use, accessible from any internet capable computer, allow everyone to participate in content creation, and they're free (at least the tools we are showing you!) Will-chime in on how these tools can be used to engage students in the classroom.
1. View Videos-define blogs and define wikis
2. Overview of today's experience-suggested list of things to do
3. Questions-Exploration and Discovery