6th Grade Bridge Project Resource Page:

For images of other bridges that you are comparing your bridge to:
  • You may NOT use images from a google image search-typically we know very little about the copyright restrictions on these photos
  • Use images in the Creative Commons from Flickr - you'll need to keep track of the Flickr users for each photo you're using because you need to give credit to these folks in your project.
  • Use your own images that you've taken with your digital camera-this is actually the best route to go!

Jack H's Photos

Screencast on Gathering Photos from Flickr

Directions for creating your first Voicethread

Bridge Project TV!

Collapse of the Tacoma Bridge back in the 1930s:
Aerial Video over the Golden Gate Bridge:

Cycling Over the Golden Gate Bridge
A View from the Top of the Mackinac Bridge!

Maintaining the Mackinac Bridge:

Collaborative Bridge Map Project:
Add a photo and description of your bridges to the Map below! Directions for participating will be coming later!