We would like to add Cable TV as a source that is available to be used in Mellowes Hall for teachers, students, and the school community to use. While we realize that it the Mellowes A/V system will not be used to view Cable TV content on a regular basis, several good educational uses exist and we would like to have these available for the school community to use when the need arises. We would like the system to have a high definition cable receiver with DVR service so program recordings could easily be scheduled and viewed at a later date (the possibility to stream content from the DVR to teacher desktop machines for sharing with students in the classroom even exists...check out the Sling Box from Sling Media--it is a super cool network appliance and it works really well!!!)

Below you will find short, bulleted examples of the kinds of activities that we would use it for:

1. Faculty development activities. Oprah Winfrey's special on ABC about the school she recently opened up in South Africa was unbelievable motivating and would make for a great professional growth experience. Other uses like this exist as well.

2. Classroom/grade level viewings-Discovery Channel is releasing a 12 part series on Planet Earth. This series includes episodes such as the poles, deserts, mountains, oceans, etc. The content looks great and it would be nice to be able to use some of this material in the classroom with our students.

3. Time Warner has a "Cable in the Classroom" program-For more information on Cable in the Classroom, visit: http://www.ciconline.org/home