Use this page to write out your idea for the class movie:

The first step in the process is to write a paragraph that explains your idea. In the paragraph, you should describe what your movie will be about. How will the movie develop in the beginning, middle and end? Who are the characters? Where will the scenes be filmed? What are some of the props that you'll need?

After you submit your idea, we will work as a group to refine and improve your script. After this is done, then you will write a little more formal screenplay with a script and everything.

Survivor USM
Ben W boo!!

24-The Movie-In Theaters June 1st!
Jack visits USM
Alex D and John S
props to henry
In this episode Jack Bauer comes to USM to save the school. Some people are trapped in the basement being held hostage by evil aliens. Jack Bauer and his sidekick Doyle have to go and save them by traveling through the school to find the kids. Thankfully one kid had his cell phone with him and CTU was able to track him. But since the aliens technology is much more sophisticated so they turn off the cell phones signal and all the other phones in the building. So then Jack and Bill are alone in USM trying to find out where they took the humans.

Props from Home:
anything technological for van scene

Who are the characters? Assign roles to characters
Ben- jack bauer
milton-doyle (jack's assistant)
fady-technician / Morris
john s- CTU leader
henry- evil alien sidekick to riley
Riley- evil alien
john g- hostage/swat/whatever we need them for
alex- hostage/swat/whatever we need them for
Montange-CTU driver

Cameraman(men): anyone who is not currently in the scene

Director: john s

Audio Engineering: riley
Sound Effects-website with sound effects that may be useful for this production

Post Production/editing: everyone

Screenplay: Be sure to write out lines for each character, describe the location for shooting, describe how you want the camera to capture the action.
Alien take over Scene-
(kids playing)
John G- I choose you pikachu
Alex D- darn you
Evil alien sidekick- hello children.( stabs Alex with sleep pen, Alien leader does same thing to john G)
John G- where are we?
Alex- we're in the basement.
John G- how'ed we get here? the only thing I remember is you getting kidnapped by an alien
( Aliens walk up to children)
John G- r u a alien.
Alien lader- yes children and we're to take over the school!
aliens together- Muaaa hahah
(Kids start crying)

CTU finds out about Kidnapping-
Ctu leader- Jack we have a situation
Jack- what is it
CtU leader- Some kids have been reportivly captured be evil aliens that want to take over the world.
Jack- More freak kids, fine where
Leader- at a school in Milwaukee.
Jack- Ok, I'll bring doyle with be. Doyle lets go
Doyle- to where n
Jack- a school, another alien report.
Doyle-(shiver) Jack I don't like schools.
Jack- Suck it up u baby.( walk away)
Doyle-(mocking Jack) Suck it up u baby.
Swat team- do u have clearence.

Doyle and jack-(Gets guns out of closet) OOOHA ( Nods at eachother)

Van Scene-
(van drives in)-Show Mr. Montanges Face diving from front
at hq
CTULeader-"Do we have a fix on their location"
<inside van>
Jack- "Be quiet im Jack Baur i dont listen to anyone" <hang up> __ do we have a fix on their location?
Fadster-One second i just need to hack into the US satellite GPS mainframe system ahhh got it. There trapped inside the basement
Doyle-who are the hostages we're looking for
Fadster- im downloading there images it to ur itech and ur ipocket and ur ieyepiece
Doyle-Whos are target
HEN-we're here <screech of brakes>
Jack-"lets go homeslices"
<doors swing open team jumps out>

Basement scene-
(Jack and Doyle stalking the aliens)
Jack- "Lets go were hot on there trail"
Alien sidekick- I smell something........JACK BAUER!
Both aliens- OH NO!
(jack and doyle peek out from behind a wall) There they are, Lets move.
Alien Leader- Ah ha we will set a groovy trap.
Alien side kick- Yah I have a super groovy plan......