Working independently or with a partner, you will create an animated scene using clay, still photos, and a little imagination. Please keep this project pretty short - something on the order of 30-45 seconds maximum. Perhaps you’d like to try animating and adding dialogue to a smiley face. Or maybe you’d like to show a flower sprouting up from the ground. You might even choose to make a small set with a background and other objects that might serve as props. I’m really looking to see if you can create an animated sequence that is as realistic as possible.
Let me know what your idea is before you start shooting. A simple storyboard sketch must be completed prior to beginning. If you need help choosing an idea, see me. Again, you may work individually or with a partner.

-add dialogue to your character (if you decide to do a character)
-possible ideas include: animating a smiley face, flower sprouting to life, a character talking, a more complex character with a full body, etc.
-see the video below for an idea. This was created by students in this class last year.

-animation is smooth and demonstrates planning and effort (2 pts)
-make a garage band audio track that will serve as the background music for your animation…if you are using dialogue for a character, then this may not be appropriate (1 pt)
-shoot with either a still camera or a video camera and use a tripod! If you use a video camera, you're only going to use single frames from the video. (1 pt)
-if you work with a partner, the workload must be distributed equally—each person participates fully in each phase of the project (pre-production, production, and post-production) (1 pt)
Evaluation: One point for each of the above require elements

Point total: /5