We are going to try something that has never been done before in this class. We are going to attempt to create a group film project for each one of the classes that I teach. You and your classmates will brainstorm the movie idea/sketch, write the script, decide upon roles for everyone in the class, shoot the film, and do the post production work (eg-software editing) as a group! This promises to be a very cool project. My thought is that this would be a film short something on the order of 2-4 minutes in length, kind of like the "Super Socks" film that we shared last year at assembly.

You'll hear more about this project on this wiki page and in upcoming class sections!

ACE Days-8th Period-Collaborative Class Film Project and Script
ACE Days-9th Period-Collaborative Class Film Project and Script
BDF Days -8th/9th Period Collaborative Film Project and Script