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Course Expectations
Digital Portfolio Requirements
Helpful and Interesting Websites
USM Google Docs

Handouts (handouts must be logged in your "TOC")
Table of Contents Handout (9-1-2007)
Montagne's Top Ten Camcorder Tips (9-5-2007)

Spring Semester-2007/2008
Student Wikis

Projects and Assignments:
Project 1 Handout- The Door Scene!-Take 1 (5 points)
Homework Assignment - Create your class wiki-due Wednesday, January 23rd-Screencast on creating your wiki (2 pts)
Project 2 Handout-Storyboarding the Door Scene - (5 points)
Project 3 Handout-Re-shooting the Door Scene - (5 points)
Project 4 Handout-The Story Treatment (5 Points)
Optional Project-Tech Talk Webcast
Project 5 : Earth Day 2008 Video
Project 6: The Silent Film!!
Project 7: The PSA! or a Music Video

DC Project

Helpful Screencasts:
Uploading your movies to your course portfolio - Screencast on converting your iMovie projects to Quicktime movies and then uploading to wikispaces.

Fall Semester-2007/2008

Student Wikis
Projects and Assignments:
Project 1 Handout-iMovie Tutorial (5 points)
Project 2 Handout-Super Hero Powers! (5 points)
Project 3 Handout-YouTube Assignment (project postponed)
Project 4 Handout- Planet Earth-Milwaukee! (project is now optional and available for extra credit! If you do this project and meet all expectations, you most likely will receive an excellent Q2 grade and a semester grade!)
Project 5 Handout - Advanced Broadcast Techniques Practice (5 points)
Project 6 Handout - The Silent Film!! (5 points)
Project 7 - Quarter 1 Wiki check-I will check your wiki to make certain that it is up to date. Your table of contents and portfolio pages should be up to date. Check your portfolio to make certain that your reflections are complete . I will leave a comment with your point value in the discussion tab. Due by Wednesday, 10-24-2007. (5 points)
Project 8 Claymation - Create one or two animated characters and have them interact in one scene. This project should be very short, perhaps 30-45 seconds max.
Project 9 Oral History Project - You will pick an older member of your family for interviewing as part of an oral history project.
Project 10 Music Video - Using the bad music videos from the 80s, you and your partner will pick a song and create a music video with it. The video must tell a story that goes along with the song (thing of the Video Killed the Radio Star project by the students from 2 years ago.)

Future Projects (if you have any ideas for projects, include them below with a short little description of your idea):

Class Files:
-a handout on the type of project content that is acceptable in this class
-simple template for sketching out storyboards
-notes from the Advanced Camera Techniques videos that we will watch in class
Video Project Proposal Form

Make a Movie (Course Alumni Project)
  1. You must follow the course, “Ground Rules.”
  2. Your project must be 30 to 90 seconds in length—project is highly “watchable” and holds the interest of the viewer
  3. Completed project proposal and storyboard prior to shooting.
  4. Script if necessary
  5. Collaborate effectively with your partner
  6. Incorporate the 5 basic camera positions if necessary
  7. Include a title screen and a credits section.
  9. Have fun of course!

Using the Canon Digital Camcorders:

In this short little video tutorial, I'd like to give you a brief overview of how to capture video using the camcorder, connect the camcorder to an iMac, and import footage from the camera onto the computer's hard drive for editing in iMovie. I hope you find this short little video helpful in learning a bit more about how to use the Canon digital camcorders.