Computers and network technologies have the potential to save a significant amount of resources. Early predictions said that computers and network technology would create paperless offices and work environments. Sadly, the reverse seems to have happened. Computers seem to be producing more waste than ever.

What can we do to minimize the impact of computer technology on the environment? Please add to this list below by clicking Edit this Page:

1. Don't print emails! Save and organize your emails in folders as you would any other file and keep them stored electronically.
2. Turn your computer off if you won't be using it for an extended period of time (eg-over night, over the weekend, or even if you will be away from your computer for half a day).
3. Maximize your computer's life cycle. Ask yourself before buying that shiny new computer, "Can I get another year or two out of my computer?" Doing so will keep your computer out of the waste stream for another few years.
4. Don't use a sceen saver. Let your display go into sleep mode as a screen saver consumes more electricity than a sleep mode.
5. Recycle your computer and computer accessories. Manufacturers should accept your old computer for recycling when you get a new one. Office Depot and other companies sell electronics recycling boxes. You buy the box, fill it up with your wires, old keyboards, mice, etc and drop it off at the store for recycling.