My goal on this page is to highlight some of the really cool things that USM teachers and students are doing with participatory media software. Within the context of using these tools, our teachers and students are starting to have rich conversation about what it means to communicate effectively and responsibly in the 21st century. Our teachers and students started their work with wikis, blogs, podcasts, etc on a larger scale during the 2006-2007 school year. Work with these tools continues to grow and develop. Click the links to see what some of our students and teachers are up to!

Ashton's 8th Grade English Survival Guide
Mr. Taft's US History Blog/Podcasts
Mr. Piper's "Blogging Around the World" Blog Check out the class Podcast updates

Carol's Unit 8 "Turning Points" wiki-all 8th grade students during the 2006-2007 school year created a digital unit notebook in their US History class for their final unit of the year. This digital notebook was used to take notes/ organize thoughts, showcase a multimedia project, and post blog reflections. For a complete directory of student wikis from this project, visit Mr. Taft's Turning Points wiki and click the period number links at the bottom of the page.
5th Grade student wiki project on the environment and recycling (from the 06-07 school year
8th Grade French Class Podcasts (06-07)
Mrs. Markwald's Virtual Art Gallery
2006-2007 5th Grade Student Virtual Tours of USM Podcasts (user name is usm and password is wildcat)
2007-2008 5th Grade Student Virtual Tours of USM Podcasts
2007-2008- 7th Grade English Book Talks on Voicethread

Other Middle School Teacher and Student Work Samples:
Matt Montagne's Instructional Technology Blog
Chuck Taft's 8th Grade US History Blog
Will Piper's 5th Grade World Geography Blog
Chuck Taft's 8th Grade US History website
Hannah Reimer's 7th Grade English Blog
Middle School Professional Growth Team Blog
Neelie Barthenheier's French Class Wiki
8th Grade English Virtual Conference with author Gene Luen Yang
Middle School Global Connections and Collaborations Wiki
Virtual Tour of USM! 5th Grade Student Enhanced Podcasts!
Mrs. Barth's 8th Grade English web page