Lab Schedule

Notes and Planning for future Middle School Multimedia Lab (to be located in the Fine Arts area):

Below is a note sent to Gregg on 10-16-2007:
Hey Gregg-

I wanted to get some feedback from the fine arts folks prior to getting back to you...Miriam agrees that the lab should go in Marlene's room. There are some design issues that we need to hammer out(see design notes below), but everyone is in agreement that the best space for the lab is in Marlene's room. Combined with Pam's rationale regarding keeping the foreign language classes near one another, I think we are all in agreement on the location for the lab.

One caveat on this...Miriam and I agreed that the existing double door entrance to the room should remain...this would change the projection wall location-this is something we'll need to work on.

Design notes and considerations:
-a small conference space in the corner of the lab with 3 to 4 comfortable chairs around a circular coffee table-this would be used as a student collaboration space (eg-for planning their music composition pieces, working on a film project, developing a multimedia storyboard script).
-perhaps we could create another small student conference space out in the lobby of the fine arts wing...this would be another resource for small groups of students to congregate and socialize during recess and the like. It would also be an excellent resource for student collaboration during fine arts classes (whether this is film class, music composition, chorus, drama, etc). This space might have 3-4 comfortable chairs and a small circular coffee table for students work.
-because space is at a premium, we recommend that we look at dropping down to fewer 60" workstation desks (probably something on the order of 2). ALL desks, 36" and 60" alike, should be on casters.
-we should consider installing an electrical/data chase and raceway along one side of the chorus room. This would allow mobile lab stations from the lab to be wheeled into the chorus room and setup and quickly/easily setup for use in that space.
-we realize that due to space limitations, that some sort of acoustic small group sound room may not be possible. We still don't want to give up on this idea altogether, but we realize a little creativity and compromise will have to be put in place if we want to create such a resource.

Notes for Mac Integration Project:

1. All file associations should be checked and set in a preferred manner for users. For example, when a user clicks on a .doc file Word should launch (right now this is not the case-the user needs to hunt for the application to open certain files).
2. Check permissions for "Shared" folder inside of the Users folder. It is key that all users can freely Read-Write-Execute to this folder. As of 9-20-2007, we were having problems with permissions "sticking" to new items placed in the Shared folder.
3. Application setup preferences-be certain to run through all applications so users don't have to run through setup screens. This preference should then be copied out to users.
4. Podcast server and iWeb-let's work with TC networks to help us get this going on a small scale to test it out. Mequon-Theinsville School District maintains their own podcast server. Examples at:
5. Firefox on computer 3 would not launch for some users.
6. Internal computer clocks need to be set so they sync with the network time keeper
7. Sound loops need to be installed on the image...these come bundled with the software pack that comes with each computer (these are actually included on the OS X Disc 2) garagband, select a loop, and you'll be prompted to install from the DVD.

Future MS Media Lab (key requirements):

1. Should have desks with integrated keyboard trays to support digital keyboards-desks will be somewhere around 50-60" wide...examples of a music workstation from Wenger and the symphony workstation from Spectum.

2. Furniture should be modular in nature (eg-easy to move around/re-configure)

3. Desks should be spaced out to allow teams of students to work cooperatively/collaboratively

4. A small, sound recording studio featuring one work station setup should be incorporated as well. A sound isolating room like the one from Wenger is what we're considering at this point.

5. International language options should be available in System Preferences (system preferences>International)