Organize Your Digital Photos w/Flickr!

January 25th, 2008 in-service day (AM sessiion)
Co-facilitated by Sarah and matt

Session Participants:
Diana Hausmann
Jeanne Olivieri
Lori VanderVelde
Michael Engroff
Paul Greeney
Rebecca Neuwirth
Matt Montagne
Sarah Markwald

Flickr Screencasts - Helpful

In the session today, try the following:
1. Upload as many photos as you can to your flickr account. Tag them as you upload them, or tag them later by batch organizing. Think about licensing your photos with the Creative Commons, Attribute non-commercial, share alike.
2. Watch the YouTube videos below
3. Surf a few of the links below.
4. Join a few groups on flickr.
5. Email your friends/relatives links to some of your tagged photos.
6. Have fun and rest a bit easier now that you're well on your way to archiving your digital photo collection!!

Do cool things with our Flickr photos:
-Big Huge Labs -

Flickr Photo Search Tools:
-Behold! -
-Flickrstorm -

Interesting Flickr Groups, Users and Tools:
Library of Congress Collection on Flickr -
Matt's Flick Collection sorted by tags
Spell with Flickr! - Really neat application!

Flickr Tags - Flickr's FAQ on the concept of tags and tagging.

Two excellent video clips about Flickr:

Please do the following three things prior to our session this Friday:

1. Gather up as many of your personal photos as you can bring in. Save your photos on USB drives, CDs, camera storage cards, a portable USB storage drive, etc. Be sure you have your photos here on Friday.
2. Create an account at If you already have a yahoo account you'll simply use your yahoo user name and password to create a flickr account (Flickr is owned by Yahoo). You might want to consider upgrading to the Pro account which costs $25 annually if you have a large digital photo collection.
3. If you have photos that need to be scanned, try to get into the lab and scan as many as possible ahead of time.
4. IF YOU HAVE TIME, watch the two YouTube video clips below for a little more background on this tool.

1. Show CommonCraft Video
2. Show tagging (adding tags, sorting by tages, emailing links to tagged photos, etc).
3. Show a group
4. Show a batch edit