Paul Goodyear-USS Oklahoma Survivor, during the
dedication of the USS Oklahoma Memorial on
Ford Island on December 7th, 2007

Event Details:

We have the great honor of speaking live with Paul Goodyear, US Navy Veteran and survivor of the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor. Paul has lead an extraordinary life and was a driving force behind the creation of the USS Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor. University School of Milwaukee will be joining with Timberlane Regional Middle School (New Hampshire, USA-Karen Olmstead lead teacher) and Rye Jr. High School (New Hampshire, USA- Sheila Adams lead teacher) in this conversation with Paul. If you would like to join in the conversation via streaming audio and chat room, please follow the directions below.

Date: Friday, February 8th, 2008
Time: We will begin streaming the conversation with Paul at 1:15 pm EST (GMT 5 pm)

To follow along via live streaming,
Go to the webcast academy's "Live" page and in the section along the right where it says, Audio Stream, click one of the three media player icons in the Sandbox B channel (the black speaker icon should load iTunes, the blue media player should open in real player, and the red/yellow/blue player should open the stream in Windows Media player). To participate in the chat, enter your first/last name and your school. Choose Room 2 as the chat room to participate in-NO PASSWORD is necessary for the chat room.

I spoke with Paul Goodyear this afternoon and his schedule for the week is looking good for any time Wednesday or Friday during the day. Thursday night, 8:00 PM EST is fine as well.

- I noticed he is already in the the Veterans History Project. http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/bib/39888 - Sheila

Links for Background on Paul:

Guiding Questions:
-A little background on where Paul grew up and what he did prior to joining the Navy.
-How he entered the Navy
- What does a signalman do?
Life before the war
Tell us about your childhood and growing up in Detroit, Michigan. What was it like in the 20s, which was a period of prosperity in our history, and then the 30s, which was of course was very difficult in the midst of the Great Depression

Pearl Harbor
- What was duty like prior to December 7th, 1941? What were your duties on the ship?
- What were you doing in the days leading up to the bombing...and what were you doing and where were you located during the attack?
- What was the experience like at Pearl Harbor in the few days after the attack? Mourning so many lost friends and fellow sailors must have been so difficult...what was that like?
- How much time was there between the first wave of the attack and the second?
- Did it seem like it stopped after the first attack?
- How many people were stationed on your ship?
- Did you lose any close friends?
- What happened after the attack? Were you moved to another ship? Reassigned?
- Was there something special you did for "good luck?"
- Were you able to get in touch with your family soon after the attack? Did your family know you were there during the attack?
- Did you keep a personal diary?

Life after the war
-How do you cope with the (traumatic) memories from the attack at Pearl Harbor and the war in general?
- (If appropriate) How has technology changed the service and/or his position?
- The Viet Nam war was controversial on so many levels...what was it like to live through such an unpopular war being a decorated veteran of the US armed forces?
- After your service, did you work or go back to school?

Recent life
- Why do you feel it's important to tell your story? How often do you speak with groups like this?
- What do you do now?
- What is your opinion on some of the recent US foreign policy and particularly, military policy?
- Who are some of your heroes, either from the war or from any point in your life?

Questions about the recently dedicated memorial to the USS Oklahoma
-You were a very important person in the development of a memorial for the sailors who died on the USS Oklahoma...tell us about your role and work here.

Karen Olmstead
Timberlane Regional Middle School, Plaistow, NH
email: kolmstead at timberlanems.com

Sheila Adams - email = sadamsrjh at rcn.com
skype = kmno4s
Rye Jr. High School, Rye, NH

Matt Montagne
Univesity School of Milwaukee
email: mmontagne at usmk12.org