Web Animation

Course Evaluation:
This course is graded on a “Pass-Fail” basis. You’ll receive a “Pass” or “Fail” grade on your Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 report card. Each quarter we will work on 6-8 projects. Projects, quizzes and in-class assignments will be graded with a simple Check-Plus, Check, and Check-Minus system (Check +-project exceeds expectations and demonstrates extra effort | Check-project meets expectations | Check minus-project is below expectations).
*In order to receive a passing grade for the quarter, you may only receive two Check-Minus grades.

Course Expectations:
-Come to class on time! We only meet twice during each six day cycle, so you need to be on time for class
-If you regularly come to class unprepared/late, you will receive a deduction on your current project grade. An example of a deduction would be lowering your project grade from a Check to a check-minus.
-A set of stereo headphones (headphones from your CD/MP3 player will work fine). Not necessary to bring to every class.

We will explore the following software applications in this class: Paint Shop Pro/Animation Shop, Flash, Photoshop Elements, HTML (HTML is not a software application...it is a web programming language).

Student Portfolios

1-3-2008-Happy New Year!
Basic Vector Text Tutorial with your name-complete this tutorial for the letters in your first name, export as a jpg file and then add it to your wiki portfolio.
Spinning Animation-This is a tricky animation. You may do this with either text or a picture Tube item as they use in the tutorial. Same drill as before. Export the file as an animated GIF and embed in your wiki portfolio.

Spinning Disc with Text Tutorial-one final tutorial that you will complete in this class. Keep the text that you use to a 2-3 word phrase at most.

*Please be certain to write a brief reflection for each file in your wiki. Also be certain to make a link back to the tutorial page that references the tutorial you used to complete the assignment.

Umbrella Animation-
Give this one a shot before we move off into the world of animation w/flash!

Neon Text Animation Tutorial
Create a little animation with your first name like the one at the link above. Work through the tutorial to create this animation. Please upload your file to as a Gif to your portfolio wiki page. To see an one of my examples, click here.

Paint Shop Pro-Vector Graphis
Creating a cartoon character using vectors. This is a super fun tutorial!

Paint Shop-Image editing tutorial:
Glowing Edges Tutorial-very easy tutorial that steps you through the process of adding a simple image effect

Paint Shop-simple text tutorial:
  • Create the tutorial
  • Create a second project and use the skills you practiced in the tutorial to build an image with your name

VERY Advanced text tutorial:

Working with vector graphics in PSP:

Create a Cartoon using vectors: