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5th Grade Pictures from our trip to the landfill

5th Grade Pictures from our the Brown Deer Park Clean Up

Earth Day 2008 Photos - USM assembly with Environmental Law Professor, Jason Czarnezki, and photos from the Earthcast

6th Grade Bridge Project Resource Page

Making a Digital Avatar:
WeeMee - Skype

7th Grade Spanish Voicethread Conversation

Spanish conversation with the Lower School students

Paul Goodyear, WWII Veteran and USS Oklahoma (Pearl Harbor) Survivor

Webcast interview with Paul Goodyear.

Organize Your Digital Photos w/Flickr!

January 25th, 2008 USM in-service day workshop - morning session
Facilitated by Sarah Markwald and Matt Montagne

Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts...Oh My!

January 25th, 2008 USM in-service day workshop - afternoon session
Facilitated by Will Piper and Matt Montagne

Middle School Web2.0 Study Group for Parents

Starting at some point in February, 2008
Facilitated by Matt M

Websense Filtering Request

Embedded Media Example...cool stuff...

Suggestions for buying a new computer

Computer Lab Software

Open source software possiblities for your home computer
Easy to use and free alternatives to expensive productivity software (like Word)

8th Grade History-Cold War, Civil Rights and Vietnam Unit

Earth Day 2007 Assembly-Middle School

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